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Magic City Lacrosse Birmingham Alabama

The Magic City Lacrosse Club at its annual tournament, circa 2004, at Crestwood Park.  Those pictured include HB Puckett, Scott Smith, Randy Nace, Mike Catenacci, Dave "DB" Brandt, Mike DeCicco, Chris Cos, Art DeCarlo, Henry Sanders, Greg Wingo, Davis "D" Lawyey and others who have come and gone over the years.  

History Of Birmingham Men's Lacrosse Club


Birmingham Men's Lacrosse team was founded in 1989 as the Magic City Lacrosse Club.  Over the years, Magic City competed in a number of tournaments across the southeast and hosted an annual men's tournament as well as its "Green/White" inner-squad game attended by current and former players from all over the country.  


In 2014 the team was "passed on" to a new generation of collegiate and post-collegiate lacrosse players, and was redubbed the Iron City Lacrosse Club.  ICLC hopes to continue the spirit of fraternity and competition instilled by the "founding fathers" of Magic City, and also to inject new life and new blood into the ever-growing sport of lacrosse in Birmingham and the south.   


To that end, ICLC competed in its first tournament in July '14, the Blue Ridge Classic, in Asheville, NC.  There, the "A" Division team won 3 of 4 highly competitive games, succumbing only to the tourney runner up.  The ICLC "B" Division team also competed at a high level, winning 2 of its 4 contests. ICLC has gone one to win three tournaments through out the south east in the past year. Needless to say, the future of ICLC is bright, and we hope to continue to play lacrosse at a high level for years to come.  I hope you will join us this November 22-23 at the ICLC Southeastern Invitational.

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